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My name is Bethany and have dealt with digestive issues for most of my life and nearly died because of it. I’ve experienced quite more than most people will in their entire life (all before the age of 30).

I absolutely HATE the term “IBS”, it’s soooo over used and downplayed. Doctors basically “label” someone to have IBS when they themselves don’t know what else is going wrong. So now, people that have occasional bloating/gas are put in the same category with the same people who are bed ridden (like I was) and in so much pain they want to die just because a doctor told them they have “IBS”. Sadly, more people are familiar with “IBS” as the former, so when someone who REALLY IS in a bad condition states they have IBS they aren’t taken seriously.

I used to work in the health food industry for a “vegan meat company” as head of marketing as well as the assistant to the VP of national sales. It was there where I gained soooo much insight as to what REALLY goes on behind the health food industry and was shocked at what I discovered. After 4 years of heading up marketing and expo shows I had to resign as my digestion and IBS kept getting worse and was taking more days off than I was working. My digestion was flipping upside-down! My symptoms weren’t just gas, bloating, constipation/diarrhea. They were BAD. I wasn’t digesting food properly, everything I ate was being eliminated whole (AKA: I wasn’t able to absorb the nutrients), I kept vomiting and burping up a sulfur smell (like rotten eggs), and my brain got “foggy”. Yes, I would bloat and be uncomfortable, but that was the least of my problems.

Ever since I was 15 years old I worked with a holistic doctor and he reminded me of all the things we used to do years ago and I was a little embarrassed that I “went off track”. He kicked my but back into gear and in 9 months I felt like a new person. My digestion was healed, my IBS wasn’t as bad, and I was able to digest and absorb more nutrients again. Till this day I still see him on a regular basis just for tune ups and checking in to say “hi” as he has become more than just a doctor to me, but a father-like friend. I know God is the ultimate healer, but I also know He puts people in your life and works miracles through them. My holistic doctor was no doubt sent by God.


I’m not glad I had to deal with everything in my past, but I am thankful I am here today with the ability and outlet to share with others in hope to encourage those who need it and share my knowledge of health and nutrition.

I’m now a full time blogger, recipe developer, and cookbook author who focuses on gut health and healing your body naturally through specific foods as I personally have done myself. I share specific recipes and health tips geared towards digestive health that have not only helped me, but countless others who have shared their testimony after incorporating my tips, tricks, and recipes in their life. God has blessed me with amazing followers like you so that I can work from home and do what I love! Isn’t God good?!

In 2018 I co-created the Digestive Support Protein Powder and Digestive Enzymes produced by the company Nuzest. This was all in effort to simply put somthing on the market I saw was missing….a CLEAN, easy to digest protein powder to help support gut health. Since then, it’s become one of the top 3 sellers in Nuzest entire line and a fan favorite for good reason. It’s helping!

There is hope for people with IBS, Crohns, IBD, and Auto Immune Disorders. I’m proof you can reverse medical issue NATURALLY. Find me on Instagram and watch my stories to get a glimpse of my daily life (and also get a little giggle out of your day)!

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