Cookie Dough Ice Cream Doughnuts!

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These were either going to be brilliant or a total flop! But because it’s too hot to turn on your oven, this was the next best thing (and I’m not mad about it!). What could be better than a [sugar-free!] chocolate shell, stuffed with cookie dough [ice cream]? This is where silicone comes in handy (and believe me, I’ve had my experience with silicone LOL). So if you’ve got the 4-ingredients to make these, you have no excuses not to!

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SIBO Friendly



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You must use the above protein powder for the cookie dough to achieve the texture and keep it keto / grain-free / low-sugar / SIBO friendly (it also makes for the highest protein content).
Whey, collagen, rice, and hemp protein powder will not work.




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No Sugar, 1-ingredient chocolate chips (code: lilsipper)1 cup of full fat greek yogurt (I used Fage)
1/4 cup cashew butter (discount code: lilsipper)
4 scoops of my x Nuzest Digestive Support Vanilla Protein Powder (for a limited time, get 20% OFF Amazon with code: 20LILSIP)
Additional chocolate chips from above


Melt chocolate and coat inside of doughnut pan (a cupcake mold can also be used) and place in freezer facing downward so the chocolate doesn’t sink to the middle of the doughnut mold. While chocolate is freezing, make your cookie dough!

For the cookie dough:
Mix yogurt, cashew butter, my Digestive Support Vanilla Protein Powder, and desired amount of chocolate chips until a dough forms (if it’s too “dry” add a couple Tbsp of water. If it’s too “wet” add a couple Tbsp of additional protein powder) *Texture should be like play-dough. Transfer cookie dough into a zip lock bag, cut the tip for a large opening, remove chocolate doughnut molds from freezer and squeeze cookie dough into the doughnut. At this stage, you can just enjoy as is, OR…..if you want to get extra fancy, sandwich two of the filled doughnuts together to make one giant doughnut and “seal” edges with extra melted chocolate.

*Option to decorate with chopped nuts, chocolate drizzle, cacao nibs, or flaky sea salt.
*Store in freezer and allow to thaw for 5 minutes before enjoying or refrigerator for a softer texture.

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