Digest This Q&A

I recently asked my Instagram followers in my Instagram stories to ask me anything about my upcoming book, Digest This. Soo I’m here to dish it out and answer the most popular, most commonly asked questions among you all.

So let’s get to it!

1. How many recipes

100 total, and about 80 brand new!

2. Is it paleo, vegan, and keto compliant?

Yes! I have many vegan recipes, and if they aren’t vegan you can easily alter them. Not all are vegan, not all are paleo or keto, however I include a variety just like I do on my Instagram. Remember, this book is NOT a recipe book, but a book to help heal your IBS with supporting recipes to do so! Win win!

3. Are all the recipes gluten free?


4. What type of meals?

Entire sections for each:
• Breakfast
• Lunch
• Dinner
• Snacks
• Smoothies
• Dessert
• Drinks

5. Besides recipes, what else is in it?

Stress techniques

Myth vs Fact section (debunking common misconception about IBS)

A “How do You Know You Have IBS” section / Diagnosis

How your digestive system works

Chronic Dieting section (how it affects your gut)

“Can Food Poisoning Cause IBS?” section

How Your Digestive System Works

Grocery Shopping Lists

Pantry Staple Lists


Sample meal plan for the week to follow (if you want)

Food Journal for you to write down and track what you ate and HOW YOU FELT after each meal (important to note this!)

How to incorporate more foods into your diet and living beyond IBS

6. Is it only for those with gut issues?

It’s for everyone! If you don’t have any digestive issues, this book can still help you feel better and improve your gut! Tie and time again I’ve read messages on my Instagram from followings saying:

I didn’t think I had gut issues, and just started making yoru recipes because they looked good, and I’ve noticed my digestion feeling better – now I’ve realized my digestion WAS in fact messed up, I just never knew I always thought that was how I was supposed to feel.

So most likely you will see improvement and feel better regardless!

Click HERE to get it from Amazon

7. Where can I buy it?

Barnes and Noble
Hudson Booksellers
Books A Million
Penguin Random House

8. Is there and e-book version?

Absolutely! Click any of the below links and select the “e-book” version.
Barnes and Noble
Penguin Random House

9. What’s next?

I plan on doing an online course to all my blog subscribers for FREE (subscribe HERE!) where, as a group, you join everyone to help reset your gut. Daily / weekly emails, helpful tips, and I will also be sharing recreations and testimonies I see on my Instagram (click HERE to follow me on Instagram). All you have to do is have the book handy! Order at any of the places above!

Let’s get our gut reset!

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