The New Low-Calorie Sweetener

Have you heard of allulose? If not, you will soon enough and the name will soon be everywhere. It’s a new, super-low-calorie natural sweetener that’s being produced by the makers of Splenda under the name “Dolcia Prima” (and supposedly it tastes “amazing”).

What is it made from?
Allulose is derived from fermented corn and claimed to be non-GMO but this article clearly states otherwise and the producer of allulose even admits to it’s syrup being GMO!

UPDATE January 2021

Tate & Lyle receives non-GMO Project verification

This low-cal sweetener is almost identical to sucrose (table sugar) and fructose, contains 90% fewer calories than sugar, and is indigestible by our bodies.

The reason allulose isn’t digested is because our bodies lack the necessary enzymes to break the stuff down once it reaches the gut. Which means that if you down more than a few tablespoons, you’ll probably be in for some major stomach issues!

It’s “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) but considering that the FDA makes those designations based on studies done by the manufacturer, that in itself isn’t very reassuring.


What About Side Effects?
The manufacturers state that allulose is “well-tolerated.” (eye roll)

A study showed that one of eight people consuming allulose over a 12-week period experienced ADVERSE DIGESTIVE SYMPTOMS. Another study showed that large doses of allulose can DAMAGE THE INTESTINAL TRACT and cause diarrhea.

Artificial sweeteners are being exposed for disrupting gut flora balance, which effects our microbiome (the environment where our bodies breaks down food to release energy and produces vitamins).

THIS STUDY noted the below in a human trial.

The notable responses included nausea, bloating, borborygmi, colic, flatulence, headache, satiety, appetite diminution, and diarrhea

Larger, independent trials need to be done, addressing safety concerns such as liver toxicity or microbial dysbiosis, but if we need to test a product to see if it’s toxic, that to me in and of itself is a red flag! I’ve already seen it in some ingredient lists on packaged goods and I’m sure you will start to see it too! In my opinion, it’s just another artificial sweetener like aspartame, Splenda, erythritol, and stevia. Why do we have to keep eating processed crap? It’s only going to make up feel crappy!

Raw honey
Yacon Syrup and
Blackstrap Molasses….Not only are these better, but they’re actually HEALTHY FOR YOU and I talk about the benefits of each in their posts.

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