Garlic Crouton Fries

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Ever had garlic fries? What about garlic fries made from bread?!

Remember these sushi sandwiches I made not too long ago? Well you better believe I saved the crusts and froze them! haha If you have picky eaters who aren’t a fan of the crust (I personally love the crust!) here’s a way to utilize and not waste them!….oh, and I bet your kids will eat these!

Need some GLUTEN FREE or perhaps PALEO croutons? Just use your bread of choice to make these fit whatever lifestyle you follow, because guess what?! I used Nutiva’s Organic Liquid Coconut Oil which on only contains organic coconut oil and garlic extract. That’s it!

And if you know me by now, then no surprise to you that I was skeptical at first when Nutiva asked to partner with me. I mean, coconut oil should turn solid at some point, right?! So after some back and forth, the team at Nutiva confirmed that this oil is:

Not refined as they are derived from Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and the fats are separated out using a centrifuge.

Many other companies use hexane or chemicals for this process, so make sure you know not only what things are made from, but HOW IT’S MADE! It’s confirmed to me that Nutiva’s new liquid coconut oils are:

• The Only Certified Organic Liquid Coconut Oil (currently)
• Non-GMO Verified
• Free From Hexane and Chemicals
• Non-hydrogenated
• BPA-free bottled

I was able to experiment with their new liquid oil and had some scraps of bread crusts in the freezer (you can keep a bag in the freezer and accumulate crusts over time then make croutons!) so I thought “Let’s give this a go!”

Bread of choice (either cut into squares or the crusts from any leftovers you had while making these Sushi Sandwiches)
Nutiva’s Organic Liquid Coconut Oil Garlic
Dried thyme to taste (optional)

1. Slice bread into squares or used saved crusts.

2. Toss bread with enough of the garlic oil so all pieces are dressed. Next, sprinkle in thyme and toss again.

3. Spread bread out on a baking sheet and bake for 15-25 minutes.
*Time will vary depending on the size of bread cuts and quantity of bread baked at once.

4. Once browned, allow to cool (if you can wait!). The cooling process makes them even more crispier!

Store any leftovers in an air tight container at room temperature no more than one day.

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