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I was homeschooled K – 12! Bet ya didn’t know that, did ya?
took college courses in high school and graduated early and went straight to the community college I took courses from in high school because the credits actually accounted for high school AND college! So by the time I entered into college, I already had credit built up, plus I had seniority when choosing classes as a freshman in college. WIN WIN!

Me, my dad, and older brother at a homeschooling PE event (I obviously won 1st place lol)
Thank you, mom, for allowing me to dress myself and be a kid!

But what many think of homeschooling as just “doing school at home” that just isn’t how it is. You have to enroll through a “homeschool program / organization” and back then, there were many. We met on a regular basis with other homeschool families in our area through the same organization and played at the park, met once a week in different homes of the mothers who had degrees in “X” and used their strength to teach others kids.

If a mom had a degree in biology, she held a class once a week for all the homeschoolers at her home and led the class, then sent us all home with work for the week.

If a mom had a degree (or strength) in math, sewing, spanish, history, etc., we did the same as the above.

We went on field trips, had SAT testing once a year, had prom, homecoming, and sadies dances. There were spots teams, dance lessons, theater, and performances, and tons of activities offered (and if you wanted to opt in you could, no obligation)

One of many school dances

And each year we all had graduation ceremonies where the entire school (homeschoolers within the organization) met and celebrated with certificates, caps and gowns, etc.

This all was through a private public school, which also offered and homeschool subdivision. There were many at the time and I believe there still are…though in 2020, I see more and more people in higher authority trying to diminish them.

Church musical my mother and I directed
I played softball for 8 years
Another church musical rehearsal

I played softball in my own town community (not through the homeschool organization) for 8 years and took community dance, as well as musical theatre, sewing classes, pottery classes, and so much more! I was very active in my church with youth group, went to summer and winter camps through my church, and had probably the most normal social life (perhaps even busier than most)

Geography class
Health / anatomy class

My days consisted of schooling via books provided by either the teacher I was meeting once a week (as mentioned above, or my mother (school approved). I had a best friend who lived up the street from me and in the same homeschool division, so we often met during “school hours” and did our own homework at the dining table (she was a year older so we had different lesson plans). Most days I would be done early, then go grocery shopping with my mom, garden, and other things where I was still learning “life lessons” from watching my mom cook, etc. If I wanted to, I would do 2 days of homework in 1 day if I wanted a day off. It was cool!

So needless to say my life was anything BUT ordinary in the most positive way and I am grateful my mother made the decision to homeschool me. Growing up in a Christian home, my mother didn’t want certain things taught to me that was tough in the schools (evolution, sex ed, etc.) and wanted to instill a solid foundation in our faith. As I mentioned above, I went to college while still in high school so my mother obviously wasn’t sheltering me – she gave me free reign as I got older as she knew who I was as a young woman and she couldn’t “protect” me forever.

I could go on and on about this topic, but I wanted to share just a fraction of what it was like to be homeschooled as well as give you some resources and items I either personally used and/or the curriculum and options to look into if you feel led to homeschool your children.

We mostly used the Abeka books for subjects. It has Biblically-based curriculum, textbooks, teaching aids, and more for all ages, K-12. They also have a resource where you can get involved homeschooling.

Below are just a few other options if you perhaps need some direction and help with your children at home and still keep it fun!


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