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I first shared about my appliance I got from Lowe’s Home Improvement for my entire kitchen remodel a few weeks ago (click HERE in case you missed it!), and was excited to start using them as I officially moved in. But it’s easy to share about new appliances (or any new item!) when you first get them. They’re brand spanking new! But what about after the fact? What happens when you really start using them on a regular, daily basis? Do they stand the test of time?

And though the appliances from Lowe’s are still new, I have now been living in my new home, using my dishwasher, range, refrigerator, beverage center, faucet, as well as my washer and dryer religiously and wanted to give you guys an update on what I think (TRULY!).

NOTE: I personally visited Lowe’s to view all major appliances because I wanted to check out the quality in person, however I placed many of my orders online after I knew exactly what items I wanted.

First up, my Moen Faucet.
When picking out the faucet, I knew I wanted one handle, something that pulled down for easy washing and rinsing, and something with dual water pressure and capabilities. I also knew I didn’t want anything complicated. I found THIS Moen Faucet (on sale at the time by the way!) while browsing the aisles inside Lowe’s. They didn’t have any boxes on the floor, so being the person I am, I flagged a Lowe’s employee and asked if they had any extras in the back. They were so helpful and immediately came back with a packaged box of the exact faucet I inquired about. YAY! – I took it home, and had it installed. A few weeks later, I am loving it just as much as when I first used it. I never thought I would be so into a faucet, but doing all the cooking and food rinsing I do, I’ve learned to appreciate how items such as a faucet have made my job much easier and more efficient! *note, this particular one came with a soap dispenser but I opted to not have it installed (I prefer less on my counter and one less thing – but if you prefer built-in soap dispensers this came with it!)

Click HERE to get it
Click HERE to get it


My Frigidaire Counter Depth, French Door Refrigerator with dual ice maker
This is something I was somewhat familiar with since I had a similar version at my old condo (which I loved!) so I was happy to find something so similar (yet upgraded!). This has an extra ice maker in the bottom freezer that you can turn on/off as needed (in case you have gatherings and want a large tub of ice for your guests!). I love the bottom freezer and having the refrigerator at eye level is so helpful! I read reviews prior to choosing this model, and they were mixed so I was a bit hesitant. Many said it was quite loud, but Frigidaire is such a quality brand, I trusted it. And now having it in my home and working from home all day every day, I can personally say the “noise” is certainly not there. I will hear the ice maker (the one in the door) make a sound every now and then, but that’s normal. Other than that, I honestly don’t hear much (and I live alone with no kids, in the kitchen 90% of the time!) – Click HERE to view it.
I do have to pull on the bottom freezer drawer a bit harder than others’ I’ve tested, but I’m not opening that as much as my refrigerator doors so I’m not bothered by it.
The doors are also smudge proof (that I can attest to) however the handles are not. But they are easy and quick to clean with one swipe so the handle smudges don’t bother me. The functionality of the unit itself has made my life as a food blogger quite enjoyable!

Click HERE to get it

My Frigidaire Convection Oven and Stove
This is a 6 burner stove with 3 rack oven! I am obsessed! It’s easy to operate, quickly preheats, is able to hold multiple items at once (both cooktop and oven) and it comes with a sturdy grilling plate….not to mention it’s also an air-fryer! It sounds complicated, but honestly it’s not. And for me, less complicated is best! Haha
I still have yet to try the air-fryer (I know I know lol) but eager to report back. I have heard great things! But what I can tell you is that it gets the job done and looks stylish while doing it. The convection oven is perfect for all the baking I do as a food blogger, easy to clean, and of course matches my Frigidaire refrigerator to make my kitchen look complete. – Click HERE to view it.

Click HERE to get it


My Beverage Center
This was a fun addition to my bar / smoothie area in my kitchen! I first was planning on getting a wine cooler, but after more research, I found that wine coolers only go up to a certain degree and not the full temperature as refrigerators do, so if I wanted to keep other items besides beverages cool, I couldn’t in a wine cooler. And, since I actually don’t drink wine, I opted for this instead! It has the capacity to reach a higher temperature so if I wanted to, I could store extra food without it spoiling. There’s a light that goes on only when the door is opened and goes off seconds after it’s closed to not waste extra energy, and if the door is accidentally left open (which has happened several times by me! LOL), it beeps to alert me so I know to close it all the way). Love that! – Click HERE to view it.

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My LG Refrigerator
This is placed inside my butlers pantry, which is perfect for extra groceries, holiday leftovers, or in my case, recipe testing! So far, I am loving the simplicity of it! It does exactly what I need it to do, keep things cold! There’s no ice maker in this one, which is what I wanted, this way there’s more room in the freezer to store recipes and food items.

If you’re looking for a fancy fridge, this is not for you. But if you’re looking for the basics, this may be exactly what you’re looking for!
Click HERE to view it

Click HERE to get it


My KitchenAid Dishwasher
I have never had a dishwasher in 30 years so having any dishwasher is a blessing! But since I had never had one, I wasn’t too familiar with all the fancy wazzo buttons, which is why I chose this particular one. I also heard KitcheAid dishwashers work great so based on reviews, I chose this one and so far am I very pleased. I haven’t done much more than a typical wash, but again, very pleased. – Click HERE to view it.

Click HERE to get it


Maytag Washer + Dryer
GET THESE! Just going right to the point! Haha! Since I moved, I have been doing loads of laundry multiple times a day, and have yet to run into any issues. But prior to deciding on this duo, I did extensive research, read reviews, and these came to the top of my list for a wash and dryer. Lowe’s of course carries many different types of well known and trusted brands and models, but I was looking for something specific, top load washer, with the basics – with nothing fancy. I saw this commercial grade Maytag washer and dryer on www.lowes.com and knew they were the ones! Rarely do you see industrial versions offered to the public at affordable prices, so I jumped on these! I purchased them online, and was able to conveniently schedule a delivery date that worked with my schedule during checkout (by the way, delivery is 100% FREE with any major appliance purchase from Lowe’s!).
The washer can accommodate a vast amount of laundry at once, alerts you once finished, and the dryer does the same and even has a light inside! And it doesn’t take forever to complete a full laundry load of clothes! If I had to point out one negative, I’d say these are not extra quiet while working (so keep that in mind), but that doesn’t bother me….I’m not going to be doing laundry when guests are over and I live alone so a little noise can be comforting! Haha
There has been no issues with the washer moving out of place, which I was concerned with. So all in all, I’d would 100% recommend this pair and my parents already plan on getting the same set!
Click HERE to view the washer
Click HERE to view the dryer

Click HERE to get the washer Click HERE to get the dryer

Needless to say, I am very pleased with the performance from all the items received from Lowe’s. And the fact that Lowe’s had these items in stock and ready to be delivered in a timely manner with great customer service meant more to me than the performance of the items. Because let’s face it, no product is perfect, but if the customer service is willing to help and replace something if need be, then it makes life and choices a little less stressful and certainly put my mind at ease.

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