How I Handled My Bedridden Days

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Many already know my history of how I was bedridden and almost died due to gut and digestive issues (click HERE), but I wanted to share a little more about what got me through each day, nutritionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Why share?

Why not?!

Afterall, my goal is to help others who may be suffering and in similar situations as I once was. And the very least I can do is share my own personal experience to help or at the very least give hope to those out there in the world…..because it IS possible to regain your life!



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I had a limited diet, and could only consume small portions of food at a time. Plus, it ll had to be soft, pured, and basically mush! (imagine what you would feed a 1 year old baby). So my diet was limited, and even the foods I ate gave me stomach trouble for a while. Something that truly helped and I ate EVERY SINGLE NIGHT was Nuzest protein powder. It was low in sugar, carbs, and full of protein – just what I needed for a gut battling yeast overgrowth (the last thing you want to consume when you have Candida and SIBO is feed the growth…and carbs and sugar is what they love!) I had tried other proteins as well, looking for the right one that would cause more harm and bloating (and many did!). Nuzest was something I could handle, and I created my “protein fluff” and greek yogurt mixture I always share in my Instagram stories til this say for a meal every evening. It wasn’t the fanciest, most appealing dinner but it was something safe and something I knew wouldn’t cause any harm or additional upsets to my already stressed gut.

I also consumed bone broth which was easily absorbed into my body, pureed meat, greek yogurt, and stayed away from all veggies for a long time!

I also meal prepped every day (it seemed like) and made my Digestive Boost I share in my book, Digest This. This “digestive boost” truly gave my gut the BOOST is needed to start working again and get the muscles in my stomach to awake and begin to contract (which helped food move through my body again as well as help my body absorb the nutrients I was consuming).

The above was a full time job!

I had to keep myself alive, meal prepping, cutting, slicing, blending, pureeing, and by the time I was done, I was exhausted! For anyone who’s experienced autoimmune, gut issues, and / brain fog, you know how depleted your body can get just from regular daily tasks.

All the above is what motivated me to to create products (such as my Digestive Enzymes) years later to help cut back on the meal prep, time, and energy needed to help boost my gut with key enzymes to break down and digest food. I know the time and energy it takes to make all this happen, and nowadays with moms, working full time, and many doing both….time is priceless.

Click HERE

These enzymes weren’t just something I created on a whim! There was a reason and purpose behind why I did it! And all the enzymes from the fruits in my Digestive Boost are the same ones I choose to be extracted and concentrated in each Digestive Enzyme capsule.

You see! There’s a reason!


I was all over the place mentally! Partly because I wasn’t getting the right nutrition absorption in my body to propbery think. And the other part was just from pure depression of my condition. It was a vicious cycle! I couldn’t really go out, meet friends, or do anything, so I was basically inside all day and only went to do quick errands like grocery shopping, etc. (Little did I know I was training for COVID lockdown so when quarantine hit this past 2020, it was a piece of cake! LOL)

But what did help me mentally and spiritually were a few things;
The Bible
Prayer and discussion with my mother (this is just one reason why our relationship is now so close! She was there with me…for it all)
Cooking and meal prepping! Even though it took some energy from me, it was something I looked forward to doing and gave me something to actually DO!
Making a list of little thing to do on a piece of paper and crossing them off every day. Even though they were little, it felt good to accomplish something and kept my mind occupied.
Researching the internet. Now, this is a HUGE reason why I probably know many things I know today. No, I am not a doctor nor did I study medicine, however, because of ALLLLL the time I had being home alone, I dedicated hours and hours each day just researching things, clinical studies, nutrition on gut health, what helps, what harms, case studies, etc. (and of course from my own trial and error of personal experiences). I mean, if I was going to sit around all day, I might as well try and make use of that time to help myself get out of my situation (because no one else was besides my holistic doctor!)


Now, I couldn’t actually do much physically, but I did still try and move my body, go on walks, or even do a 10 minute YouTube video to keep the blood flowing and grab some endorphins! But honestly, I was so thin it hurt to even sit down on a chair, let alone a yoga mat.


These are all just my own personal experiences and how I coped. Yes, I watch movies, binge watched TV Friends, The Office, and pretty much had QVC running all day long in the background. (no shame in TV watching!)

It was a dark time, but my pint in writing this is to share you CAN come out on the other side!
It may take time, months, or perhaps years….but if you don’t give up, you’ll get there.
I know many are silently suffering and alone, yet I also know you are NOT alone because so many are suffering (they just don’t want to admit to it)

If any of what I shared above has helped, encouraged, or just given you a bit of hope, then I know I’ve done my job. Keep fighting. This is just a season in your life.

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