My Christmas 2017 Gift Guide

Christmas is right around the corner! No really, I can see it! So I thought to quickly list a few things I PERSONALLY use and LOVE!

Some are geared towards gut health, some towards home health, some skin, and others just stuff I love in general! I also included a few Christmas baking must haves (but of course we both know you and I will use them much after Christmas!)

Links to each item are listed below…so let’s get to it!



Stocking Stuffers

Vital Proteins Travel Sticks

You can buy a box that you also use, and just use a few for stocking stuffers OR maybe you have an office filled with people you’re making cute little mugs stuffed with goodies for…these would be perfect!

Evo Hemp Bars (20% off code: lilsipper)

I suggest getting the variety pack so you can mix and match. However, if i had to choose, by far the Cacao Dragon is my favorite and I wouldn’t mind getting a stocking stuffed with this flavor!

Big Ticket Items


A Vitamix is something I use at least 3x a day! Yes, I’m serious! It’s helped me soooo much in helping to heal my gut by making digestion easier, nutrient absorption more efficient, and food prep quicker. Below are 2 of the blenders I have (yes, I have two and got them both from QVC haha!)
C series 48 oz Variable Speed Blender
7500 64 oz Variable Speed Blender

Air Fryer

Another kitchen essential that’s part of my routines is my airy fryer I bough from QVC (in case you didn’t know). Not only is it healthier to create crispy fries, but it has saved me so much time roasting items for my smoothies! I’ve even baked a carrot cake in it! Yes, you can bake in it, toast bread, cook meat, roast fish, and yes….”fry” potatoes and onion rings with little to no! It’s a game changer!

Stand Mixer

I personally have 2 stand mixers! (ugh, the struggle!) Both my Cuisinart Stand Mixer and Kitchen Aid Mixer are great and come in handy when I bake my grain free breads. You can even make easy 1 Ingredient Whip Cream!

Everything Else In Between

Hemp Box

Now this is great id you have a friend far away. You can send them one of these boxes! (20% off: lilsipper) Cheers to good health!

Hnina Gourmet Chocolates

I was blessed to have met the husband and wife team of these 100% HEALTHY, raw, vegan, paleo, refined sugar free, and SPROUTED (better for digestion) chocolates many years back and ever since I’ve been hooked! Trust me, they are full of nutrients and outrageously delicious! By far the best chocolates (healthy or not healthy) I’ve ever had. They are a little pricey, but hey, you get what you pay for…am I right?

Thera Treats CBD Bars (15% off: lilsipper)

Normally you would expect to see a chocolate bar in a stocking, but this one is infused with the therapeutic properties of CBD oil which helps heeps with pain and inflammation. So of course the price point is no impulse buy at the checkout counter, but if you have someone who already knows the benefits of CBD, then they will sure know it didn’t cost 0.99 cents and will appreciate it.

The Infamous Sweater

I can’t tell you how many times I get asked daily about this sweater I wear all the time (I actually have 2 of the same pair so I can alternate them when washing! LOL)

MVMT ($15 off: lilsipper15)

You know those non-prescription glasses I wear? (I actually have a few styles!) Well, they’re from MVMT, the same place I got all my super cute watches from! They even have some styles for HIM!

For “Him”

Speaking of “him,” what do you get that guy in your life? Maybe it’s not your lover, but perhaps your lovers dad? Your boss? Guy friend. Your friend’s husband. Or that name you drew at work for Secret Santa. I always have a hard time buying for my own father, but I think Fire Cider is the ticket! They even have cute little shot glasses with funny sayings. Discount code: lilsipper.

Wire Free Bras

Ok, this gift is certainly NOT for that male in your life! But it sure can help the sisters out! If you follow me closely on Instagram, then you know I don’t wear underwire bras since they can cause cancer (not to mention they’re so uncomfortable!). I love the Izod brand and found mine at stores like Ross, TJ Max, and Marshall’s, however you can find them HERE on Amazon too! They aren’t super fancy, but they are super comfortable and support the sisters well!


Another female friendly gift! Again, you probably already know this, but Vapour Beauty is the makeup I’m always wearing in my Instagram stories and I just love it! They use organic / mineral ingredients and I just love the way their foundation glides on my face. Below are a few key items I use:
1) Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (I used shade 123)
2) Illusionist Concealer (shade 020)
3) Halo Illuminator
4) Trick Stick Highlighter (Dazzle 702)

Zoodle Maker

If you have a foodie on your list, then this zoodle maker might bring your friend a swirl of smiles! I have this hand crank one, and though it’s not all “high tech” or fancy, it sure does the job with ease and it’s lasted me for at least 6 years strong.

Phone Soap

Sometimes I buy a gift without even knowing who I’m buying it for! There’s always that one person I forget, or that surprise visit from an out of town friend (don’t get me wrong, I love those visits!) and so it’s always nice to have something extra on hand that’s also gender neutral. I love my phone soap I got from QVC (no really, that’s where I got it! haha!) that kills germs on your phone without getting it wet. Watch the video and you’ll be surprised! And if by chance you don’t need it, then you have an extra gift for that upcoming birthday party (or just use it for yourself!)

Vital Proteins

Now it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Vital Proteins. If you’re like me, then getting proteins powders and health food items as a gift is really the best! Obviously the gelatin, collagen, and bone broths are a go-to, however…perhaps you want to give that already VP user something special. This is when I would suggest either their new Matcha Collagen, Coffee Creamer, or their Dark Chocolate and Blackberry Collagen as a little treat!

Holiday Baking

Santa Barbara Chocolate ($10 off: lilsipper)

If you know me by now, then you know I am always using their Red Cocoa Powder (seriously tastes so rich like no other cocoa powder!) and of course their 100% Organic No Sugar, 1-Ingredient Chocolate Discs. I bake with them and just crumble and stir both into my smoothies. I always have both on hand!

Nut flours

Step out of the box and bake an Iced Pistachio Pound Cake, 5-Ingredient Pecan Pie Bread, or perhaps some Healthy Hazelnut Coffee Cakes…all grain free with minimal ingredients! Move over Almond Flour!

Nuzest (code: lilsipper)

Surprise surprise! What would baking (or no bake) treats be without Nuzest! The possibilities are endless! Below are just a few things you can create with Nuzest and they all are quick, easy, and healthy (and obviously taste great!
1) Triple Chocolate No Bake Fudge Balls
2) 3 Ingredient Apple Sauce Brownies
3) 4 Minute No Bake Vegan Cake

Silicone Molds

I have this exact one! (and many more!). These are great for not only baking, but making treats like my Coffee Blocks, Butternut Squash Fudge, 2-Ingredient Caramel Squares, and even little Cauliflower Cheese Blocks with easy removal. They’re an all around helper when it comes to baking and non-baking in the kitchen!

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