My Parasite Cleanse (plus compliant recipes)

It was a rough few weeks with the pain, bloating, and severe fatigue. But I’m happy to announce I’m now parasite free and I want to share what I did to rid those little suckers after drinking some broth that had undercooked pork (double whammy since I don’t eat pork at all anyways for this exact reason – see THIS POST why).
Please note: I am not a doctor and am only sharing my own experience. If you do decide to try the cleanse, please don’t take more than the recommended dosage of the extracts I list at the end.

High carb, high sugar foods – potatoes, rice, bananas, pineapple, oranges, dates (or andy dried fruit), beets, carrots, honey, fat free yogurt (full fat contains less natural sugars and non-fat has more naturally!), breads (unless homemade – see below), oatmeal, pasta (unless made from squash).

Low carb, low sugar foods – cauliflower, squash (butternut, delicata, zucchini, etc.), cucumber (no skins), plain full-fat yogurt (non-fat has more natural sugar), plain cultured cottage cheese (@nancysyogurt), chicken, beef, eggs, my homemade low carb breads (recipes on my blog), homemade crackers and snacks (recipes on my blog), avocados, nut/seed butters (in particular organic Sunbutter as sunflower seeds help kill off parasites), cranberries, also low sugar berries (raspberries, blueberries – but only 1/4 cup per day), papaya (only 1/2 cup per day), my bulletproof coffee I make every morning, Vital Proteins collagen and gelatin, bone broth, Nuzest protein (my own version and their natural), unsweetened chocolate (from Thera Treats, Santa Barbara Chocolate, and Eating Evolved), and Evo Hemp’s CBD oil at night to help me sleep (since carbs help you naturally sleep, I needed some help).

Read THIS POST regarding certain herbs and foods to help kill off parasites (studies linked)

Herbs and Foods I Consumed To Help Kill Them Off
10 drops of black walnut extract in 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds

1 liter thyme tea (boiled from fresh thyme). After boiling, pour into a cup and add 5 drops oregano oil.

10 drops wormwood extract in 1/4 cup water.

Last thing you consume right before bed, eat 1 Tbsp of fresh aloe vera gel.

After one week of doing the above, I was parasite free! However, it’s best to continue the regimine for at least another week (maybe 2) to be sure any eggs that were laid / life cycles are also killed off.

Below are a few recipes that are compliant when doing this cleanse and make it a bit more easy to battle those cravings.

Erewhon Paleo Bread Re-make
5-Ingredient Cookie Dough Bread
4-Ingredient Carb Free Cookies
Low Carb Chocolate Teddie Grahams
Kabocha Squash CBD Fudge
60 Second Cookie

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