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Bethany Ugarte

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About Me

My name is Bethany and I have dealt with digestive issues for most of my life and nearly died because of it. I’ve experienced quite a more than most people will in their entire life (all before the age of 30). I was molested twice as a child (unrelated), had my husband leave me, went into a coma (and woke obviously), battled years of depression, overcame the shingles and a huge candida overgrowth all while combating severe IBS.


I’m now a full time blogger and cookbook author who focuses on gut health and healing your body naturally through specific foods as I personally have done myself (and still continue to heal). I share specific recipes and health tips geared towards digestive health that have not only helped me, but countless others who have shared their testimony after incorporating my tips, tricks, and recipes in their life. I’ve been working from home as a full time blogger and God had blessed me with amazing followers like you so that I can work from home and do what I love! Isn’t God good?!

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