Summer Travel Snack Guide

Summer is here! That means traveling! Whether that’s a weekend road trip, a day at the beach, or a month long vacation, traveling and being away from home can sometimes be stressful when it comes to healthy food choices (especially if you have IBS and digestive issues). Now, Don’t get me wrong, if you’re on vacation go ahead and grab some fries, eat something you wouldn’t normally eat…hey, you’re on vacation! But again, for me, if I eat something that’s highly processed, full of chemicals, and overly saturated in who know what, I will pay for it for about a month! Yup….the “typical” person may feel sick for 2-3 days, but for me, it take multiple weeks of me in bed, and it’s just not worth it.

So regardless of your situation, if you are looking for some healthy snacks and easy take-alongs for a trip, these are some of my personal favs!

Obviously Vital Proteins. They have individual packs that are perfect for trips (or even school, work, etc.). I use their gelatin EVERY MORNING in my coffee to make it frothy as well as their collagen and bone broth for smoothies and dips.

If you only need a couple of each, just get their SAMPLE PACK which contains 1 packet of a few flavors. So buying 2 sample packs will get you through a weekend!


If you’re vegan (or not!), Nuzest also has sample packs you can stock up on. I always get the Natural, but they have all flavors in sample / to-go pouches. I’ve even been known to just mix a little with water to create a fluff and mix that with yogurt in a hotel room when I was in a pinch. It’s easily digested and is such a life savor!

Right Foods Gluten Free Organic Oatmeal cups are life savors if you’re eating on the road! Why do I like them as apposed to other oatmeal cups? They don’t include any additional sugars. Yes, they do include a sugar packet inside each cup, but they leave it up to you if you want to add it (of just half the pack) for sweetness or not. I usually never do.


What About A Main Meal?

The great thing about Explore Cuisine’s pasta is that you don’t have to have a stove to cook them! By that I mean you can literally just soak this past in cool water for about 45 minutes to an hour, drain the water and you’re good to go! Plus they don’t contain any xanthan gums like other bean and lentil pasta and all their products are certified, Organic, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free. I love their Mung Bean Pasta (only available on Amazon) because mung beans have been well known to actually benefit the gut! (their other varities are pretty darn good too and contain tons of protein!)

Looking for snacks?

Chomps beef sticks have become a fav of mine! Why?
They are:
Grass Fed
Pork Free
Sugar Free
Paleo Approved
Whole 30 Approved
Contain No Fillers and made with only real, CLEAN ingredients.

You can find them at Trader Joe’s near the checkout or get them direct online with FREE shipping and 15% off when using the code: LILSIPPER

Evo Hemp bars are another go-to for on the road or any time. Most bars contain stevia, gums, additives, flavorings, and/or loads of processed sugars.

I love their fruit and nut bars because they are made with REAL ingredients and are:
Refined sugar free
Use code: LILSIPPER for 20% off anything from Evo Hemp.

Elan Granola is something I actually discovered not too long ago and love how clean the ingredients are (and obviously the taste)! They have a Paleo mix (red packaging) and their regular mix with gluten free oats (yellow packaging). I got their paleo mix made with just:

Cashews, Sunflower Seeds, Brazil Nuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Coconut, Macadamia Nuts, Flaxseed, Maple Syrup, Coconut Oil.

Salt Free
Low Sugar
Low Glycemic
Candida Diet Friendly
Keto Friendly

They have a large resealable bag but also offer on-the-go single serve pouches for traveling, work, school, etc.

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Another great go-to snack: Fruit! Fruit is like natures candy, but certain fruits hold up better and are less messy on the road than others. Some of my favs are:

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Lastly, water. Obviously you need to consume fluids, but traveling sometimes can make you bloated and gassy. So I love taking along bottles of Perrier natural sparkling water. It actually can HELP reduce gas by causing you to belch, releasing any air bubble. Try it!

I also love adding Vital Proteins Beauty Waters (Strawberry Lemon is my fav but they’re all great) to Perrier and it’s like healthy soda and you get all the gut healing benefits with added protein and probiotics! Win win!

If you have any questions or curious about a product you didn’t see, let me know HERE on the gram. See you there and safe travels this summer!

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