Supplements I currently take (and why)

I dont have the best immune system – never have! What may take the average person a week to recover from the flu, takes me 3x as long! Literally if I get sick, I’m looking at a month out until I feel normal again (that’s 1/12 of the year!) – So I personally have to work EXTRA hard just to keep status quo (anyone else relate?).

Below are a few supplements I take regularly (unless stated otherwise) to help with immune support that are:
• clean
• natural
• contain no fillers, silicone dioxide, lecithin (click HERE why I stay away from lethicin – even sunflower) and only what my body needs.

*note, I may take other things here and there, but these are my current staple. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for anything new I may be incorporating.



Vitamin C 

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I currently use this brand since it does not contain the ingredients mentioned above you will commonly see in pills.



Vitamin D 

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Again, this brand contains no fillers and has a substantial amount of our daily vitamin D. (if you can, it’s also great o step outside and get some sunshine!)



Further Food Ultimate Immune Support

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It’s and “all-in-one” doctor formulated supplement not only containing Vitamins C, D, & E, but also zinc and elderberry along with 15 herbs and mushrooms geared towards boosting immunity! Yes, I take single origin supplements, however there’s nothing wrong with incorporating this as well (I’ve even asked my holistic dr if that’s ok to include this) and if I forget to take the others, I at least know I consumed this for the day!



Olive Leaf Tea

This is something my very own holistic dr got me doing many years ago.
• Anti-viral
• Anti-fungal (great for yeast overgrowth!)
• Anti-bacterial
See THIS POST for more info on that.



Liquid Zinc 

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Zinc has been shown very effective to help fight off many viruses and colds, and is great to help your immunity.

Other benefits include:
• Reduced Inflammation (study)
• Acne control (study)
• Wound healing (study)



Life Seasons Breathe-X 

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Breathe-X provides sinus support and soothes nasal passages. It helps manage healthy tissues in the respiratory tract, while supporting immune function and providing antioxidants to assist in detoxification.

Sometimes I get really bad allergies that I think I am actually coming down with a cold but in the end, it’s just a bad allergy flare! Crazy! I’ve taken this on a regular basis and it’s been shown to help….then I often forget and stop for a few weeks and truly notice a difference!


A-Vogel Cough Drops 

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These are infused with pine to help open up airways and soothe the throat along with honey. There’s a tad bit of raw cane sugar but it doesn’t bother me. These are by far my favorite! The middle becomes soft while the outside stays firm.


My Very Own Digestive Enzymes 

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I formulated these because I wanted vegan enzymes without all the fillers, silicone dioxide, and fake ingredients you often see in so many digestive pills. I also wanted to include key enzymes I used to help when I was very ill and at the same time, did not want to overpower it with unnecessary ones. Less of what you don’t need, more concentrated of what you do!

I take two pill at lunch and dinner, right before I eat.


Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor

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This is always great to have on hand! So what does it do? It monitors your heart rate and oxygen levels. This is what the ER and doctor offices use to determine your vitals when you first visit. Basically, they are testing to see if you are stable or need to go in ASAP! – For me, it truly helps with anxiety knowing my true vitals. I see I am actually not in severe share, I can breathe, and my heart rate is good. It can actually soothe the mind knowing “hey, I’m actually ok!”
And if you aren’t within range, then it’s also a good indicator you should to the emergency room.

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