The Aftermath Of My 4 Night Hospital Stay

Sunday night, April 29th, I didn’t feel right. I actually never felt like that ever in my life. I can’t explain it. I just didn’t feel good or normal. So I called my holistic Dr. Mohammad and the soonest he said he could see me was later on that night….and I told him to PLEASE come regardless of the time. Being the sweet human being he is, he drove an hour away and arrived at my place at 10:30pm. I actually don’t even remember this night and am just going by what I was told by him and my parents (I still don’t remember it). Long story short, he called my parents (he knows them) and told them to take me immediately to the ER. Again, I can’t recall any of this.
What I can remember is everything from Wednesday, May 2nd and on….

On the 3rd day I woke up from my coma, not knowing where I was. I was laying in a bed, white ceiling, white walls, covered in white sheets. It tooks me a second to even know who I was! I don’t remember what exactly happened the night my mother drove me to the ER….and they say I never will (fine by me cuz from what I was told it was not a pretty sight). I didn’t recognize my parents when I first became conscious, but that was quickly restored. What wasn’t quickly restored were my functions. I felt so weak from not eating for 3 days straight (because I was unconscious) that the first time I tried to walk I almost collapsed. When I returned home, my daily activities seemed like a chore. The first time I drove I got lost in my own town. I didn’t know what streets came before the other, and I kept forgetting conversations I had with people and realized later I was repeating myself over and over. Embarrassment was an understatement.

What kinda freaked me out was me trying to write my very own name. Yea, I could do it, but it looked like a 5 year old wrote it. Remember the first time you tried to write your ABC’s? That’s what it felt like for me.

Months later, my parents expressed their concern that before I woke up, they

thought they would have a vegetable as a daughter for the rest of their life.

And my holistic dr told me he didn’t think I would make it at all. these were tough words to hear. But God is good!



Only 3 weeks after returning home I was able to write my name normally, my brain started remembering things and I didn’t get lost in my own town. They said it should take longer for someone to recover from a coma, but I believe the quick recovery was due to the fact that I had such a healthy diet and lifestyle prior so I was able to jump back quicker, plus the close work I was doing with my holistic dr AFTER returning home from the hospital and different foods / supplements he told me to consume to help my brain function, and lastly but certainly not least….God had His hand on me. He is the true Doctor and Healer.

“This should never happen ever again in my lifetime” per all the medical doctors and my holistic dr. And I believe was a wakeup call for me to really take a day a week to rest and relax…hey, God did it! I love what I do and sometime I think I love it too much that I continue doing it and not resting. This is also a reminder to YOU that whatever circumstances you are in, please take a break. It’s not selfish, it’s caring for yourself so that you CAN care for others.

Below are a few things I did and still am currently taking and doing to help gain back my energy, brain function, and overall health back to where I was prior to the coma, and I am already almost back to where I was!

10 pistachios a day
Helps with energy, iron absorption, production of white blood cells (click HERE to get raw, unsalted)

2 walnuts a day
Helps with memory (click HERE to get some)

Colostrum (I’m using this one)
Colostrum is produced by breastfeeding mothers (animals such as cows/goats and also female humans). It’s what newborns feed on and provides superior nutrients they need. Sounds gross, but breast milk is all that babies eat the first period of their lives and contains all the nutrients a baby needs to grow and develop.

Colostrum passes on the antibodies, immune factors, and nutrients that will keep the baby healthy as they begin to develop their own immune system. It also increases their white blood cell count, which helps fight off infections and diseases.

So this was a great addition to my body and I recommend it to anyone with perhaps a low immune system or recovering from surgery, illness, or perhaps the elderly. I took 1 tsp a day in my smoothie.

Bone marrow
Helps with energy levels and to produce more red blood cells. Great if you’re anemic.

Grass-fed beef and bone broth
Tribali Foods (code: lilsipper)
Bonafide Provisions (the “lilsipper” bundle – my favs!)

Helps build strength, muscles, and heal the body as a whole fro someone that went through such a traumatic experience.

Dark leafy greens (steamed) with lemon juice
The dark greens help with the absorption of probiotics (I took from high quality cultured yogurt) and make them thrive. The lemon juice is a great source of vitamin C which you need when eating greens which helps absorb the vitamins from the greens! (don’t you love how foods work together!?)

Special Thank You

Upon returning home, I had thousands of messages from you guys on Instagram and was so touched by all your dedicated prayers. God really had His hand on my life (and still does as He does with us all). So thank you for being such a wonderful family to me and for all your support!

I also have to give special recognition to a few brands. The day after I returned, I received a beautiful flower arrangement from Nancy’s Yogurt delivered from a local florist (and I know it wasn’t cheap because I know where they ordered it from!). It really showed that they cared and wanted to send their love and support. Another brand, Georgia Grinders offered to sponsor a post to help me with my upcoming 4 night stay medical bill. That was a blessing to me and we all know hospital bills are…let alone a 2 day ICU the first half of my stay. Thera Treats has also been such a kindhearted company sending all their love and true, genuine concern as well as Mt Capra who offered to send anything I needed. So many others as well, but I just had to point out a few….

Moving forward

I am happy to say I am feeling so much better and am quickly on the mends. Thanks to my previous diet and lifestyle, my progression has been much faster than the average person, but of course I am still taking it easy, seeing my holistic dr weekly (which I did anyways Haha!) as we are now working together targeted more towards my recovery.

My explant surgery as you know was delayed (was scheduled for April 26th – just a few days prior to this all happening!) because I caught the flu. And since you cannot have surgery while under the weather, I had to postpone it which I was so bummed about….little did I know it was a blessing from the Lord that I got sick. Imagine this happening days after my surgery?! I do still plan on getting my implants removed and it’s still something I want done, but as of now I’m just not ready. This was quite traumatic to my body I want to feel like my body is 100% ready to take on another big thing. The surgical center was wonderful and refunded all my money I had already paid to get the procedure, and those funds are going straight towards my medical bills! Ha! I will update you all on my Instagram when this will take place.

On a separate note, my digestion has been doing amazing through all of this! And oddly enough, I haven’t had any upsets. I don’t want to speak too soon, but thankful for what God has done and is still doing as I continue to share with you all and help and inspire others!

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