The Start Of My Breast Explant Surgery

After my husband left me 2 weeks into our marriage (we were engaged for 2 years and together for a total of 4 mind you), depression hit hard. I think I slept for 2 days straight and didn’t get out of bed. But it was actually a blessing in disguise because that relationship was NOT healthy. Not only was he not a Christian so we were unequally yolked, but it was a very controlling relationship. I wasn’t “allowed” to do certain things I wanted to do while we were together…one of which was getting breast implants. I just always wanted them. Not to impress anyone else, but just for my own self-esteem. Well, now that I was single with no one telling me what I could or could not do and needing a little boost of joy in my life, I happily decided to get the procedure. I sought out a dr close by that I felt comfortable with, attended all the pre-surgery appointments, and finally got the twins in 2010. I couldn’t be happier! I did it for ME and nobody else. Not to impress anyone. Not to get revenge. I did it for ME. So my intentions were pure and I believe that’s how it should be when getting a cosmetic surgery, doing it for themselves and not for anyone else.

Now I had digestive issues long before I got the implants, so saying this surgery was the cause of all my digestives issues would of course be a lie, but I certainly don’t think they helped the situation and do believe they made things worse and why my personal experience was so extreme. Back then, I had no idea, nor do I think anyone did, about how fake breasts could harm your health. Health and fitness were a huge part of my life then, however I was not nearly as educated as I am now. Back then I was still eating so called “healthy” proteins bars, not looking at ingredients, etc. and just thinking I was doing my body good. So of course the idea that breast implants could be harmful didn’t even cross my mind. Bridging the gap from then until today, I went through drastic weight loss, digestive issues, and experienced one of the worst times of my entire life from nearly dying due to multiple digestive and health complications.

If you already know my story in what happened, you will know that thankfully I am now better and even thriving! However, I still have the twins and the fact that they are a foreign object in my body does not settle well in my mind. I’ve changed since 2010 and have become more aware of not only my body and my health….BUT MY WORTH AS A WOMEN. I don’t need implants to make myself feel good. Yes, it was a devastating time in my life and of course any women would feel down about herself after a such a life altering event. It did help me, not gonna lie. But I also don’t recommend it to someone, and if I had the chance, I wish I wouldn’t have gotten them. I just want them out because I know they can’t do me any good.

Research has shown breast implants can not only cause serious digestive issues, but also a ton of other health complications. And for me, it’s just not worth having them. The only thing I hate to think about is that I WILL have to take antibiotics to accomplish this procedure and that I am NOT excited about. No doctor will do surgery without them, the risk of getting an infection is just too high and infections can just cause more serious issues (even death) so there’s no way around it.

Click HERE if you’re curious about how antibiotics can harm the body.

How Do Breast Implants Affect Your Health?
Breast implants are obviously a foreign object in the body and usually your body reacts in defense resulting in some type of inflammatory response. Saline implants have the added element that their valves are permeable and allow body fluid/tissue in and may result in colonization of microorganisms inside the implant. These microorganisms produce toxic metabolites, known as biotoxins. Thankfully, I personally opted for silicone back in 2010.

Regardless if they are saline or silicon, breast implants are an unfamiliar object to our body that usually weaken the immune system, triggering immune dysfunction and even auto-immune symptoms. The human body is left vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and other invaders that it would normally be able to combat and fight off. The exposure to any toxic chemicals can not only impair the immune system, but also accelerate aging, and usually after 5 years of the implants being inside the body they begin to leak!

Breast implants commonly affect:
• Immune (viral, fungal, bacterial infections, and formation autoantibodies)
• Digestive & Gastrointestinal (dysbiosis, leaky gut, malabsorption, food intolerances)
• Brain (brain fog)
….and many many other areas of your health (and life!)

My Explant and Recovery

Explant is the most important step, it removes the underlying triggers that have been interfering with your body. Proper explant is done through an En Bloc or Total Capsulectomyprocedure, where there is full capsule removal.

It’s been said that 75% of patients who get an explant recover from their ongoing health symptoms. So for me, that’s not a great percentage, however I figure I can’t be any less off if I at least try it.

Following an explant surgery, my next steps are to repair any depleted nutrients and systems while at the same time removing toxins built up from the implants. I’ve had many discussions with my holistic dr and is 100% behind my decision. He will be working with me pre-operation to boost my immunity as well as after the surgery to cleanse my body from the antibiotics. This will be a process but I am soooooooooooooo excited and ready to do it and yes, even take those dreadful antibiotics to get this done. I hope that by reading this you can make an educated and more informed decision before undergoing a breast augmentation (or inform someone who is thinking about it). OR perhaps you already do have breast implants, perhaps this post may have opened your eyes to what may have been contributing to your health all these years. Perhaps you don’t relate to this post at all! Regardless, Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your support. I look forward to sharing my journey with you and hope you follow along! Stay tuned!

I’ll be reading through comments and your thoughts on THIS POST and I appreciate all the support you have ALREADY shown!

Oh! And one final note: If breast implants were in fact 100% safe, would I still want them removed? Heck Yes!

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