Tomato Free Pasta Sauce!

This nightshade free pasta sauce went down so fast in my Instagram stories today, I posted it HERE before I even got it up on the blog! Haha Sorry for the delay, but here it is for reference and I also wanted to include some info about nightshades for those that may have an allergy or sensitivity and may not even know it! I personally don’t have to stay away from nightshades, however from time to time I do get digestive upsets if I overdo it on dome of them below, and I always like to create recipes for my followers that MUST stay away from them.

What are nightshades?

Nightshades are vegetables that belong to the Solanaceae plant family.
Most common nightshades are:
• Ashwagandha
• Bell Peppers
• Cayenne
• Chili Peppers
• Curry
• Eggplants
• Goji Berries
• Paprika
• Potatoes (except sweet potatoes and yams)
• Tomatillos
• Tomatoes

Certain compounds in nightshades contain a self-defense system inside the plant, protecting it from predators and pathogens. Unfortunately these substances can have a similar effect on humans that may lack the proper digestive enzymes to break down these compounds and/or immune system is weakened to fight these certain substances, resulting in prolonged inflammation and unwanted symptoms.

Glycoalkaloids, for example, have been shown to contribute to leaky gut and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In VERY high amounts, they can be highly toxic to both humans and animals.

4 Nutrients To Help Heal Leaky Gut

This study states that it typically takes over 24 hours for the body to eliminate the glycoalkaloids in nightshades. So eating them frequently can result in a buildup of the toxic compounds in the body, causing some negative effects to accumulate over time.

I mention this not to scare you, but to inform you that nightshades MAY be the cause or contributing to your current health condition(s) and to perhaps eliminate them for a while and see if things improve! Can’t hurt to try!

Some nightshade sensitivity symptoms include:
• Bloating
• Gas
• Diarrhea
• Nausea
• Fatigue
• Joint pain or swelling

NOTE:  a nightshade allergy is much more severe than the above symptoms of just a sensitivity – Seek medical attention if you experience difficulty breathing, a swollen throat, dizziness, or lightheadedness after eating nightshades. These symptoms can be a severe allergy.

Ok, so now for probably what you came to post for….the recipe for this BOMB nightshade free pasta sauce! (it’s also great for pizza!)

Sauce Ingredients:
1 cup of pumpkin puree
3 whole Love Beets Organic Baby Beets
1/2 cup of bone broth or veggie stock
Generous amount of Italian seasoning of choice to taste

1. Blend all pumpkin, beets and broth until creamy, then add desired amount of seasoning to taste. I used my Blendtec Twister Jar (25% off: lilsipper)

2. Add sauce to pasta or pizza and get creative with the toppings and mix-ins! Here I soaked lentil pasta in water for about 45 minutes (no cooking required!) then mixed it with ground protein of choice, chopped basil, Evo Hemp seeds (20% off: lilsipper), and added some coconut flour just for fun to mimic parmesan cheese!

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