“What The Health” – My Thoughts

I’ve been getting asked left and right on my Instagram about the new documentary What The Health. Many of my followers are confused, while others are simply making life changes just from ONE documentary!









The connection between big food organizations and our government is no secret to me, and I’m actually glad this film came out because now there can be some light shed on what many people never questioned.

Ok, I’ll make this short and sweet….a few things just to bring up:

Should We All Go Vegan?

The film makes strongly endorses a vegan diet, stating that cancer, obesity, and heart disease is from meat and dairy consumption. That’s pretty vague if you ask me! I agree, that a HEAVY diet of red meat and cheese is not good and can cause some health issues, however I do believe that lean chicken, turkey, cultured diary (like yogurt and kefir) is actually healing for the body and I myself have benefited first hand. It’s also important to note from WHERE your food come from and HOW it’s made. GMO’s play a huge role in diseases and is one of the main causes of rising health problems. Also, eating free range, grass fed proteins is another difference from the typical meats and is also a huge factor that can benefit the human body.

Yes eating veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. is super important and ultimately part of a healthy, well balanced diet.

I used to be a vegan for health reasons (thinking it was the better option for gut health), then my digestion seemed to be getting worse, I was loosing weight, feeling tired all the time, and just not feeling “normal”. Then I started implementing bone broth, grass-fed meats, and cultured diary into my diet and felt so much better! I had more energy, I was less anemic, and my hair and skin health started thriving.

I’m not saying being vegan is bad! Each person is different and needs different nutrient for their bodies (we aren’t all created equal!), so if you feel better eating a vegan diet – go for it! But if you are scared, influenced, or persuaded to go vegan JUST because of a film…read on!











I do like that What The Health steers people away from eating processed foods and focusing on REAL, whole foods. That’s great and it should be noted that how it all should have been all along in this world. But is “eating one egg is as bad for life expectancy as smoking five cigarettes”? The documentary claims so, and that just baffles me! They argue that “dioxins accumulate specifically in eggs”, but research has found that rice was the most concentrated source of dioxin toxins. And though animal product do contain some dioxin toxins, plant foods had higher amounts of them compared to animal products.

There is plenty of research and health benefits from eating meat and dairy, and if you know me, I consume them regularly. And yogurt in particular helps with IBS (as I’ve experienced the benefits personally) and it’s been proven that dairy does not contribute to the development of coronary artery disease.

Final Thoughts?

I of course agree to always be aware of what you’re consuming, but we have been eating fish, eggs, meat, and dairy from the beginning of time, an it’s ALL NATURAL! What I would focus more on, is again, where the food is coming from and how it’s produced.
Ever tried to thinly slice a chicken breast to mimic the packed lunch meats? It probably was a fail. That’s because lunch meats have been processed, gums and emulsifiers have been added, plus sugars and “natural flavorings” as well.








Before all the processed junk was introduced to our diets, we were doing just fine. There were less illness, less obesity, less less skin and other health problems…and yet we were eating meat, dairy, and eggs! They were just pure, unprocessed, just like they were supposed to be consumed.

We all have different dietary restrictions, allergies, and nutritional needs due to our own daily actives. What works for me may not work for you or the next person, but eating a clean diet (vegan or otherwise) with no preservatives is what can honestly change the way you feel…and to me, the way you feel is what health is all about!

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